Staking your RVLT

Why Stake?

As well as being able to submit your own Acts of Revolt, you will receive 25% rewards on every single passed Act while staked, and you have a chance to be randomly picked as a CULTmander once every 15 days.

Note: There is a minimum required stake of $100 of RVLT to be able to submit proposals.

Being a CULTmander grants you access to vote on whether Acts of Revolt get passed, and you also receive a 5% bonus incentive (distributed equally amongst voters) for being active and voting on proposals.

You also contribute to the same benefit staking CULT gives, which is taking your CULT out of general liquid supply (though you can still unstake at anytime).


40% goes to the “Revolutionary” which is the recipient address of the person who completed the Act of Revolt.

25% is sent to stakers, and is distributed according to percentage of the pool of uRVLT stakers own.

25% is sent to a dead address and burned.

5% is sent to a multisig wallet that then uses the funds purely for purchasing CULT, and then instantly burning it. This will take place at certain intervals (either weekly/monthly etc) and the process is to swap the RVLT for Ethereum, then bridge to Ethereum, purchase CULT on Uniswap, then send it to the dead address.

5% is sent to all the CULTmanders who voted on that particular Act, and is distributed equally amongst those, rather than according to their amount of uRVLT. This is designed to act as an incentive for voting.

How to Stake

You can add uRVLT to your wallet with the contract address which is: 0x55AC81186E1A8454c79aD78C615c43f54F87403B

To unstake your RVLT, fill in the desired amount (or hit Max), click the Withdraw button, and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Your uRVLT will be converted back to RVLT, alongside any unclaimed rewards.



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