RVLT Token Migration Guide

How to migrate your tokens

2 min readNov 16, 2023


First things first. This is the correct contract address for the new RVLT token on Polygon: 0x5d301750cc9719f00872E33Ee81f9C37aBa242F4

We have redeployed the entire RVLT ecosystem on Polygon network. Although we managed to maintain ownership of almost every contract, we decided to start each one fresh in order for maximum security.

The new contracts are as follows:

How to migrate your RVLT tokens

  1. Firstly, visit https://revolt.cultdao.io/migrate
  2. Approve the contract to interact with your RVLT and uRVLT. This will require 2 transactions.

3. After approving, you will now have the migrate button for each token. Complete these transactions, and your old RVLT/uRVLT will be deposited to the contract, and you will now have the new RVLT token equal to the balance of your RVLT+uRVLT.

4. Add your new RVLT tokens to your wallet with the following contract: 0x5d301750cc9719f00872E33Ee81f9C37aBa242F4

5.All done. Once you have migrated, you are free to interact with the dapp again as you wish, and stake your new RVLT tokens.

As always, please be vigilant, and avoid clicking any links sent to you in your DMs. None of the teams or community admins will reach out to you directly, verify all links and “admins” in the main community groups.