RVLT Ecosystem Updates

We’ve heard the feedback and we have acted accordingly.

We understand that the process of being a CULTmander has been labour intensive, and we want the privilege of being picked as a CULTmander to be rewarding, not a chore. As such we have made some changes to both the contract, and the UI in order to streamline the process.

Changes, and some reasoning for each, are outlined below.

Note: Contract changes take effect from cycle beginning 15th September 2022.

Front End and UI

We understand the UI has made it a long process to be a CULTmander and vote on Acts of Revolt, so we made a few changes to make the process less labour intensive.

  1. Batch voting. You no longer have to vote each proposal individually. You can batch up to 50 votes into a single transaction. Clicking on Approve or Reject will now highlight that option, and then when you have made your choices, you can put all (up to 50 at once) through by clicking “Vote All” at the top of the panel.
Click on either Approve or Reject buttons to select them

2. Re-working the layout for Acts. We have completely overhauled the main page for Pending Acts to make it more user friendly. We decided to list the crucial information on a single page for each Act. At a glance you can now see the social handle, wallet address, amount asked for, and the total number of votes on the main page. Then you can click the name of the Act to generate a pop up with the description and evidence links.

This should make it much easier to scroll through and see the key information without going back and forth into each proposal, saving time.

An example Act on the main page showing the headline information

3. Removal of the current vote tallies when voting. This has been done to avoid people being swayed by the previous voters decisions, and to encourage everyone to make an individual decision based on their own reasoning. We now only show the total votes so that CULTmanders know how close the Act is to reaching the threshold.

4. Sort button. Instead of just listing by ID number, you can now just ascending and descending options for ID, amount asked, and total votes. This will give CULTmanders the option of listing the proposals in a format that works best for them. You may want to prioritise Acts asking for the max reward, or check which Acts require more votes to reach the minimum threshold.

Sort options

Contract Updates

We have also adjusted some parameters in the contract, as well as making changes that should make the system harder to game.

  1. Thresholds for submission, and for CULTmander qualification. The previous threshold for submitting in Act was $100 worth of uRVLT at the time of submitting the transaction. This has now been updated to $250, to help with wallet splitting, and help fight spam submissions. We have added the same threshold as a requirement for being a CULTmander. We believe CULTmanders should have some skin in the game if they want to participate in the ecosystem. Any presale purchase should be well over this threshold so it appears fair for us.
  2. Submission Lock-In. When you submit an Act, your uRVLT will now be locked until the proposal process is over for that 5 day cycle. As before, you should have skin in the game and anyone that is truly doing this for the cause should have no issues with this.
  3. Batch Voting. As already mentioned, but it was an update in the contract as well as front end so listing it here.
  4. Voting Threshold. Currently a successful proposal requires Approval votes to be at least 50, as well as outweighing Rejections. We have altered this so that it is now required to have TOTAL votes be at least 50, with Approvals outweighing Rejections. For example, previously, 49–1 would still fail, as would 49–48. Now, a 49–1 for Approve would pass, as would 26–24.
  5. Opt-in CULTmander selection. We understand that many people like to stake with a “set and forget” mindset. This meant that some people who weren’t interested in participating could have been picked, and we end up with a pool of CULTmanders that may not even know they were eligible. What we have added is now an opt-in pool so that the CULTmanders (excluding Mask owners) will be picked from the pool of users that have “opted-in” via a signed transaction. Think of it as delegating your wallet as a CULTmander. If you don’t sign this transaction, you WILL NOT get picked. Note: remember that you must have at least $250 uRVLT to qualify (this is calculated at each 15 day cycle switch).

We would like to thank the community for their patience as we have been working on this. We hope to create a more streamlined and more engaging process for being a CULTmander, to make it much more rewarding against time spent.

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