Proposal Rules

Proposal Guidelines

Before or after?

You will find good intentions are not enough to submit a proposal unless you are willing to provide huge amounts of information to guarantee your use of those funds for the stated purpose, or you are a long term & trusted community member.

If you plan on doing a FUTURE event of which you cannot do without prior funding, you will find it much harder to acquire funding and as such will need to provide much more information to stand a chance

For example you may have to doxx for a proposal seeking funds for a future event. Rather than have an anonymous proposal passed on an action you have already taken and thus can provide evidence for.

One best practice for when you are submitting evidence is to designate a proposal round word for all submissions to include in their evidence & images E.g. Melon. 🍉

When you are submitting proposals, they would need to include a picture of the event/action and have one of the images including you (doesn’t have to have face) holding up a piece of paper with the date on it and the proposal round word. Or you could even sticker the word to yourself as you go about the action so it appears in all images.

This would provide evidence that you are indeed the person taking part in the action, reduce the chances that there is any repetition or plagiarism of past proposals.

Can I claim for my social media spreading & tweets?

Maybe. Have you spent time, above and beyond what the average person would expect in pushing and pursuing readers of, or spreading The Cult Manifesto?

Did you materially lose out on income or time from another source of money, due to focusing your time instead on spreading The Cult Manifesto?

Are you willing to share screenshots of your posts? You will find it harder to claim for Twitter for example than a YouTube video where you can easily demonstrate content and education plus reach.

Rules of Engagement:

CULT/RVLT Media Files for Stickers:



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