Modulus Testnet v0.9

2 min readJul 25, 2023

Just the beginning.

We hear you. Modulus has been a long time coming, with only scraps of alpha and a tentative date.

However we are pleased to finally announce the launch of the very first iteration of our Modulus Testnet. To connect to Modulus, enter the following details into the custom network section of your self-custody wallet. There’s also a button to automatically add it in the footer of the block explorer.

Name: Modulus Testnet

Chain ID: 6666

Native Token: CULT

RPC Endpoint:

Block Explorer:

As per usual, transparency is of upmost importance. This is not the final version of our testnet, there will be continued updates as we refine the process and complete more work on some of the elements underlying the architecture of Modulus.

One of the main hurdles we have been tackling is with the zkProver service. As we continue to develop the necessary elements to get this to a mainnet ready build, we are using a mock verifier in its place, that ultimately verifies each transaction in the place of the zkProver.

This has no effect on the user experience and functionality of Modulus itself. You can utilise, transact, and deploy as you would normally, all using the test CULT token.


On the subject of the test tokens, we have provided a testnet faucet, where you will be able to claim some test CULT, RVLT, and TRG, all for use on the Modulus testnet.

The faucet can be found here: You can claim 10 CULT, RVLT, and TRG per wallet per day.


To move your test funds from Sepolia over to Modulus, you can use the bridging service here:

You can also find a guide to using the Modulus Bridge over on our docs page:

Modulus Eye

Once you’re on Modulus, you can access the Modulus Eye block explorer here:

The layout will be fairly familiar, and you should be able to navigate it in more or less the same way that you use other block explorers like Etherscan, BSCScan, and PolygonScan etc.

With all this being said, we appreciate the ongoing support and patience of our incredible community. We will continue to provide updates and will of course share any changes we make to the network moving forward as we go. There may be times the network is down for maintenance or updates.

Below are some key contract addresses for use on the testnet.

On Sepolia

CULT — 0x48467B3F5AEd3bEB322D0D9fE1Bf3754d72BEc03

RVLT — 0x77FBEC542f27DfDD78Fb1e0917f9634DdD762b53

TRG — 0x8D13346dcBd90dB153a50977b17c45a75dd4B590

On Modulus

CULT is like ETH on the Ethereum L1, it has no contract address.

Wrapped CULT — 0x127876278b76E2C224E27c209d22Daf0854bdcbB

RVLT — 0xDD161001230a59F15F61b37EE997F77C15753E7c

TRG — 0xe99dc079Ce831DEe0097877D6B21796434125a04

Viva La Revolucion!