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It’s time I break down the true power of CULT DAO on a tokenomics level

3 min readApr 9, 2022


Here is how CULT flips Bitcoin.

Flip Bitcoin? Impossible for a token to do! Or is it?

I often get frustrated with the true power of CULT DAO & The Cult Manifesto’s tokenomics passing unnoticed, the presumption we are a meme coin, the unwillingness of people to do a few minutes of research & #readthecultmanifesto.

The competitiveness and thrill seekers of the crypto markets speculators make the need for “MOAR UP” a key driver of token preference and thus volume. This is why CULT DAO is not a charity and is also hyper deflationary. Speculation may bring many people in, but those who care for our revolution will stay and join THE Many.

It’s time for me to explain to you how and why everything is the way it is, and what is already happening & growing within the protocol without your knowledge.

So now, wen pleb say “come find the next CULT”. You can say, there is no next CULT. The difficult part of CULT DAO was always gaining the traction and volume to “oil the machine” now that we have it, and we are all talking about CULT, if we continue our current path, CULT will flip Bitcoin.

Here is how, and here is the data to prove it. Of course data can change, and there are variables, but this is the trajectory we face if we maintain the past two weeks worth of volume, burns & proposals funded.

Average burns taken from the past two weeks here, I have not counted the first proposal as this was passed at 2M market cap and so is not representative.

1.725Bn burned over past two weeks (1,725,774,482)

Average tokens collected by treasury taken from here

The number of CULT in the treasury (81.496BN) has increased, even with 10 proposals passed

You can see that even with 130 ETH worth of CULT sent out over the past two weeks, and another 25 ETH worth of CULT burned, this still hasn’t been enough to offset the increase in CULT balance in the treasury due to our huge volumes from The Many talking about CULT.

So where do the additional tokens come from? 1.9 trillion tokens are staked, 1.567T are burned. So the tokens are being taken from the remaining 3.2 trillion in the market or vesting. So volume is causing tokens to move FROM general circulation and into the treasury.

Here is the effect of this below. You can see that as tokens not burned or collected into treasury (those in general circulation) are moved from circulation to treasury, the reduction in % is taken into account to the future movements.

Blue represents burns, whilst the increase in green vs grey shows how supply is taken out of circulation and into the treasury quicker than it is sent back out through proposals. By year 5 only 477.5 Bn is left in general circulation outside of the treasury or burns.

This is how CULT DAO flips Bitcoin. it is likely to happen far before year 5 as our trajectory is looking like much more volume to come. The days of impossibility are over. This is a revolution, of spirit, of revolt and of DeFi.

It’s time.

Viva La Revolución

Mr O’Modulus