How to Participate in the CULT.DAO Presale On Unicrypt.

How to participate in the CULT DAO presale, hosted on Unicrypt.

  1. Round 0

Round 0 is already live. During round 0, people willing to participate can purchase a guaranteed allocation spot by burning 2 UNCL tokens.

100 guaranteed spots will be available for UNCL reservations, and it’s a first-come-first-serve model to purchase. A maximum of 1 Ethereum is available for purchase per wallet.

2. Round 1

Round 1 will start on Jan 31st, at 20:00 UTC (it is actually based on block number rather than fixed time so may vary slightly).

This round is open for UniCrypt holders (to be eligible to participate, your wallet needs to either hold 3 UNCX or hold 50 UNCL).

Among the holders, it is a first-come-first-serve model and therefore some may expect higher gas transactions.

3. Round 2

Round 2 is opened 2 hours after Round 1, if the hard cap is not met, and is opened for everyone (non-holders).

For Round 2 you only need to have Ethereum for the purchase of tokens, as well as some spare for the gas, to complete the transaction.

Round 2 lasts for 24 hours, or until the hard cap (250 Ethereum) is met.

The presale is taking place at the following link:




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