Gasless Voting is here!

2 min readSep 21, 2022


We are pleased to introduce gasless voting to the CULT ecosystem.

It is now possible to vote on CULT proposals without paying gas, and via signing a transaction. We hope that this will bring more inclusion to the CULT proposals system, and allow everyone to get involved with the process.

The process is very simple. Firstly, you must delegate your votes to yourself if you wish to use this feature. You can do this the usual way. Go to the “Delegate Votes” button on the Proposals page of the Dapp (

Note that you can also delegate gaslessly, however it will not take effect until somebody submits that transaction.

Once delegated, you can then vote gaslessly on any proposal that is submitted AFTER you delegated. Any pending proposals will still not allow you to vote on them.

To vote without gas, you will find the buttons beneath the usual vote buttons.

Choose either Approve or Reject, and you will prompted to sign the transaction, rather than pay gas to complete it.

When somebody chooses to submit, all pending votes will be applied to the proposal in one batch transaction. A total of 400 people can vote per submitted transaction, but once it’s been submitted, that counter will reset to 0, so more people can continue to vote.

If the submit button is not done before the Proposal timer ends, then no votes will be applied to the Proposal, and it will fail. However, you can submit periodically, to make sure votes are being counted.

Note: Voting multiple times will not apply multiples of your vote power, nor will it change your first vote decision.

Thank you as always for your support, and we hope this allows for our loyal stakers to have even more of a voice to #talkaboutcult

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