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Emancipate The Many from wage slavery. RVLT.

4 min readMay 2, 2022


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To those not familiar with $CULT’s tokenomics, the last few weeks since rocketing up 36,000% in 7 days would have looked like quite an unattractive chart. However for those who understand our protocol, you will know that it is designed to become more efficient at lower prices, in order to naturally and organically support price.

This is due to lower prices increasing the amount of $CULT burned, and, if volume is maintained or decreased as a percentage inline, more $CULT is also added to the treasury. You can view the breakdown in full here:

The weeks since our protocol was catapulted into the limelight have allowed our tokenomics, The Many & The Guardians to all be tested. As with every token market cycle, you have euphoria bringing people in all the way up, due to fear of missing out, and you then have depression and anger from those who got in after the 36,000% run who curse you all the way down. This is normal, even with explanations on how this is in fact a benefit for long term holders, the transfer of wealth from the impatient, to the patient is something that has gone on ever since “free markets” have existed.

What is much more surprising however, to those who don’t understand our movement is beyond a token or price, is how the core $CULT community held steadfast in their commitment to follow the first rule of CULT DAO. Even those who entered at the peak, those who cared for and understood not just the tokenomics but also the cause, had just as much passion at the bottom as they did at the peak. Our noise on twitter barely diminished. This alone should serve as a wake up call to crypto twitter.

Rewarding The Many & seeking to provide true freedom

I personally was in awe of the steadfastness of The Many & their unwavering support of $CULT. They entrusted me with their efforts because they believed in the cause & that what I built for them would provide promised financial freedom in the future. To emancipate them from wage slavery.

For me, the promise of future rewards was not enough for the rewards they were already bringing the mission of The Cult Manifesto, especially as some of The Many were priced out of involvement in the cause they were fighting so hard to push. I have stated that I would not move $CULT to another chain, and that is something that I will not budge on. This spurred the idea of $RVLT & the concept of revolt to earn.

I have stated many times and in the manifesto that society is designed to make it as difficult as possible to break away from economic, societal and social norms. So what if supporting the $CULT ecosystem could be in itself a full time or part time job?

This spurred me to build a new economic model designed to allow The Many to actually be rewarded financially to #talkaboutcult and get others to #readthecultmanifesto. As I always do, I began with one idea which became out of control and led to the eventual economic model that we are left with now. This model I will release once everything has been built at a smart contract level. This is to protect The Many from the multitude of shitcoins and scammers that no doubt would rush something out attempting to copy it, which would either rug or get exploited due to them not comprehending the intricacies of what I have designed.

Citizens of CULT

What I have somewhat stumbled upon creating, is a self governing autonomous ecosystem that can reward those who are building and contributing on a protocol and larger scale level to the revolution, through CULT DAO, and reward those who are committing their spare time and breaking chains on an individual level by furthering the ecosystem, with RVLT.

RVLT functions in a similar manner to CULT except that it rewards individuals contributing to the revolution & the CULT ecosystem rather than large scale protocols seeking the same. CULT provides funding to revolutionaries protocols, RVLT provides funding to the individuals revolting.

The Many revolting are governed by CULTmanders. Who are they? Well they are The Many. All stakers in RVLT have an equal chance of being a CULTmander as any other staker, and in fact, most of The Many will at some point be a CULTmander as long as they are staking for a mid-long term timeframe. This is because 490 stakers are picked randomly every fortnight to approve or disapprove individuals revolutionary actions.

The above system, of protocol level and individual rewards system has the potential to free all participants from the chains of society. This system may finally allow for us all to break away from the current monetary system and all of its restrictions on our freedom, just by revolting, talking about CULT and getting people to read The CULT Manifesto.

YOU are a revolutionary.

Viva la revolución

Mr O