CULT does ETHDenver

Expanding beyond the Crypto-Twitter echo chamber

2 min readJan 31, 2023


CULT DAO, a decentralized venture crowd platform, will be attending ETHDenver for the first year, and will be a Cypher Sponsor. You’ll hear us talk about CULT in the opening ceremonies, and on the mainstage. Look for the speakers wearing a CULT mask! Come get a mask of your own by visiting our booth in DAO TOWN, we will be the big one with 20 passionate people sharing our story and decentralized vision.

You can visit Mr. O’ Modulus’s Revolutionary Lit Library and learn about CULT, RVLT, Modulus, and THE RUG GAME. We look forward to meeting with many of the projects that we have funded, plus making new friends and partnerships. We invite developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to join us in building a more decentralized and efficient future.

It is very important to us to show that CULT is more than a loud community with “bot-like” tenacity on Twitter. At ETHDenver, we have the opportunity to share our vision with other like-minded, decentralisation-focused developers, builders, and general crypto consumers.

By attending (and sponsoring) ETHDenver, we will be able to talk to people not just about what we have done, are doing, and will do, but also about what they are doing and building. This is the perfect place for us to vet new proposals, and find people that are in the early stages of their own projects and perhaps looking for people like us and our community for support or even funding.

We are also excited to spread the word about the impending launch of Modulus, a new layer 2, zero-knowledge EVM chain. Modulus aims to provide a high-performance and scalable solution for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Modulus is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem and uses the same programming language, solidity. This means that existing dApps can easily be ported to Modulus without needing additional development work.

We are also very keen to bring back the emphasis on privacy, and we are working towards developing the ability to opt-in and out of private transactions on the blockchain. This would give the user the freedom to choose whether they would like to hide their transaction data from centralized servers.

With a soft schedule of Q1 for the public testnet, and Q2 likely for the mainnet, we are looking forward to the next steps for CULT, as well as being part of something innovative in the crypto space.