Breakdown of Fjord Foundry Sale and Final Launch Tokenomics

3 min readJan 17, 2023


Good morning all.

We wanted to share the final tokenomics and Ethereum split from the TRG sale with you all.

We so far have 1.7M USD burned forever for liquidity with a further 115.4 Ethereum & a spare 353,969,966,026 TRG still to be added to complete the 60% as voted on.

Our liquidity pool I would argue and I’m sure most would agree is already of more than adequate size. I think we should vote on instead of adding the 115 & 353Bn to liquidity, instead burning the TRG & adding the 115 Eth to the already 200 sneaky tricks amount.


1130.37 was the WETH returned before fees

25 WETH of the above was deposited by and returned to us.

So total new WETH contributed by users or generated from the swap fee came to 1,105.37

Of this, a 2% fee is taken by Fjord Foundry. This leaves 1083.2626 as a sum of the swap fees plus overall contributions.

Balancer pool shows $104,864 volume which, at end Eth price, is 66.05 Eth which went to the developers who provided the initial balancer LP as above.

The 1083.2626 leftover is made up of contributions and swap fees:

Contributions = 1,017.2126 Eth

Swap fee = 66.05 Eth

+ 25 WETH developer deposit

For a total of:

1,108.2626 Eth

As agreed and voted on by the community, 20% of the Ethereum contributed would be used for sneaky tricks (buyback and burns to those new to the CULT lingo) 20% would go to the developers (alongside 2.5% of TRG supply), and 60% would be locked or burned as liquidity.

It was noted in our medium that the rough tokenomics on the remaining TRG tokens usage AFTER sale would look something like:

10% airdrop

2.5% team

2.5% community guardians

85% liquidity & burns

So where are we now with the Ethereum contributions and TRG tokens?

Liquidity breakdown & added so far:

Across Uniswap V2 & V3

448.315 Ethereum

758,352,904,736 TRG

To CEX to prevent arbs & token dumps to dex

34.343 Ethereum

123,000,000,000 TRG

This leaves an additional 115.4614488 Eth + Equivalent token weight to be added to liquidity to reach the 60% voted for in Telegram.

Alongside this, an additional 20% of the Ethereum is for Sneaky Tricks & another 20% is for the developers alongside 2.5% of the TRG supply. Each 20% = 199.3731496 Eth.


1,400,947,539,904.5 tokens in addition to all liquidity and Ethereum added to Uniswap V2 & V3 pools.

Tables and Charts

TRG Overview:

LBP Ethereum Overview:

Net Ethereum Proceeds (net of fees/deposits):