Acts of Revolt

What is an Act of Revolt?

An Act of Revolt is our name for a proposal in the RVLT ecosystem. Think CULT proposal but on an individual scale. The fixed amounts that can be requested from the Treasury are 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, and 1.5 WETH worth of RVLT tokens.

The idea is that the community do everything they can to push both CULT, as well as other causes that align with CULT and decentralisation. They can then seek compensation and even “passive income” by continually working towards the same goals.

The system is designed to reward those giving up their valuable time to support CULT and the battle against centralisation.

For each cycle there is a 48 hour window where Acts of Revolt can be submitted. After that 48 hours is up, submissions are blocked for 72 hours, which is the voting period. After the 3 day vote period is up, the next cycle begins and submissions start again for another 48 hours.

Submitting an Act of Revolt

To submit an Act of Revolt, navigate to the “Act of Revolt” section of the dApp, and you will see four scraps of paper. One each for pending and completed Acts, one that shows whether you are a CULTmander in this 15 day cycle, and the final one is “Submit Act of Revolt”. Click that to enter the submission page.

Note: you must have at least $100 of uRVLT staked to be able to submit an act. This to keep it to people actively participating in the ecosystem.

You will need to provide some key information if you expect CULTmanders to actively approve your submission. Start with the fundamentals, which are a name for the Act, your social handle (helping people verify it was really you), and a description stating what you have done (or what you intend to do) and why this should be approved by the CULTmanders.

Next, you need to give some kind of evidence, particularly if you expect people to vote to release funds from the treasury for the Act. If you can’t prove you have done it, you can’t expect others to believe you and allow treasury funds to be used to remunerate you. The link should be either a Google Drive or Dropbox URL, which redirects straight to the evidence. It could also be a twitter link etc.

You must then select the amount of funding you believe this is worth. Bear in mind you get one shot every 5 days to make a submission (assuming you aren’t a CULTmander which means you will need to wait another 15 day cycle), so don’t blow it by asking for a payout that is out of proportion with the act. Know your worth, but also know that it is the community’s responsibility to manage the treasury and not waste it by sending out max allocations for everyone.

Finally, bear in mind the note about the allocations you receive. You don’t get the whole 1.5 Eth for example, it is split amongst the various recipients, and this is what creates the self sufficient and strong tokenomics of the CULT/RVLT ecosystem. You as the “Revolutionary” submitting the Act will get no more or less than 40% of the chosen amount.

The last field is your recipient wallet, which is where the 40% will be delivered if your submission is approved. This should be your wallet that also contains any RVLT, uRVLT, CULT, or dCULT. I believe it would be looked upon more favourably if you are already a holder/staker and active member of the community.

For anymore information, visit the CULT/RVLT docs at:

You can also find indepth discussions of proposals on the Revolt 2 Earn Discord:



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